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We have specialized in the manufacturing of remanufactured products in Radiata Pine: boards, moldings, and parts and pieces for doors and windows are part of the offering that we export worldwide.

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About Diana

Door Components

Based on the targeted market, our facilities are capable of producing a wide range of door components tailored to meet specific end-user requirements. For instance, we offer door kits designed for the Australian market, flat jambs catering to North American demands, stiles specifically crafted for steel doors in Mexico, and various other customized solutions. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products ensures that our offerings align precisely with the needs of our diverse global clientele.

📐 Technical specification:

Radiata Pinewood
On the edge
Joint Lenght:
¼ Inch
Maximum Wide:
11 ¼
⁷⁄₁₆ to ⁶⁄₄ Inch

📦 Optional specification:

Natural, Painted or Double Painted.
Packages encoded with bar code.
According to customer specifications.
Precision end trimming and dado.
According to customer specifications.

🚢 International shipping.

We are committed to providing reliable and efficient international shipping services, backed by our extensive logistics network and 15 years of experience.

With precision and care, we ensure the safe and timely delivery of your shipments to their intended destinations.

Trim Boards

Our versatile product line, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, has gained significant traction in the North American housing construction sector. Additionally, our boards have found application in furniture manufacturing within select Asian markets. With our expertise spanning nearly a decade, Davidson Industry offers premium Finger Joint and EGB boards, available in natural or primed finishes. Our product range encompasses various thicknesses (21/32" to 1 ¼") and widths (1 ½" to 7 ¼"), ensuring a diverse range of options to meet specific project requirements. Recognized retail chains in the North American market proudly carry our superior-quality products

Window Components

Our esteemed product line caters to the industrial sector, specifically tailored for window manufacturing in the Australian and North American markets. Highlighting our portfolio are premium-grade window extensions and windows reveals, renowned for their impeccable quality. These superior offerings exemplify our commitment to meeting the stringent standards of the industry, ensuring our products are widely embraced by discerning manufacturers in these prominent markets.