In the investment agreement, you usually see a compliance clause (in which a future buyer of the shares must be subject to the same conditions of the investment contract. The content of the investor rights agreement may be as follows: an investment agreement or a commercial investment agreement is a contract forming a transaction between an investor and an enterprise under which the investor acquires an interest in the ownership of an enterprise in exchange for an investment of any kind. The more an investor invests in a company (the more risk the investor takes), the more the investor rights agreement is designed in favor of the investor. Agree that the shareholders` agreement is probably one of the most complex. At first it`s hard for our team, but later it works well. The purpose of an investment agreement is to protect an investor who will become a new shareholder of the company. The presentation of an investor agreement contains certain standard clauses and other provisions adapted to the specificities of a single investment. Deferred compensation is not an «investment agreement» per se, as the person does not receive equity in the company. The shareholders` agreement should always be signed by all shareholders of the company. When new shareholders enter the company, they must sign the existing agreement by signing a compliance agreement (which is attached to the shareholders` agreement as a schedule). Sometimes these documents are put together into one large document (often referred to as an investment contract), but, for the sake of clarity, they are normally separated….