7. The owner, through the company of his agents or agents, may enter and take possession of the work, tools, scaffolding, sheds, machinery, power, utensils and materials on the site or in the adjacent land or streets, and use it as his own property or use it by his own agents and workers to carry out and complete the work, Or Other Persons Employed for Completion Construction work and contracting authorities shall in no case interrupt or do any act, business or affair to prevent or hinder such other contractor or any other person or person employed for the completion and completion of the Work or for the use of the Equipment and Facility for the Work. 10. The owner or his representatives have the right to check the progress of the construction work and the materials used for the construction and are authorized to draw the attention of the architect to the defects of the construction work, the quality of the transformation or the materials used when such defective works are carried out or executed or such materials are brought on site. If the architect is satisfied with the objections raised, the architect must certify this in writing and order the contracting authorities to eliminate at his own expense the lack of the above-mentioned work or to remove these defective materials, which must be repaired or removed by the contracting authorities on instruction. If you want to rent or resell your property after construction, create a custom rental agreement or a real estate purchase agreement. There are many issues to consider in such agreements and it is highly recommended to provide appropriate advice on the terms of such agreements. Conditions should, where appropriate, be negotiated before they are received, in order to avoid frequent misunderstandings and traps that can be devastating, which normally result from failing to treat such documents with all due care. A construction contract is a written document between a landowner and a general contractor indicating the work, renovations, modifications or other work to be done on the land owner`s house or land. This document describes the parties who are responsible for paying the price to be paid, the duties of each party and the date on which construction begins and is completed….