In order to avoid any delays in processing supplier requests, please send the requests by e-mail to the supplier`s registration voicemail for the region where you are applying for the provision of services, as follows: BILLING REQUIREMENTS. – Florida law provides that, with respect to treatments or services, with the exception of certain hospital and emergency services, statements of expenses made available to the insurer by the provider may not be included: and the insurer and the victim are not required to pay a fee for treatments or services provided more than 35 days before the date of the stamp of the declaration, with the exception of overdue amounts that have been invoiced in good time and unless the offeror provides the insurer, within twenty-one days of its first investigation or processing, with a notice of initiation of processing, the declaration may contain a fee for the treatments or services provided up to 75 days before the date of the stamp of the declaration. Although APD accepts specific applications at any time, please note that some critical requirements exist for certain types of suppliers in each ODA region.