The term «shop-in-shop» can be taken at its own length. It`s actually a deal in a store. A large retail store or department store makes part of the store available to another store. The other store can exploit its brand in that specific part of the business. This formula is becoming increasingly popular and, for example, Debenhams and the Dutch department store De Bijenkorf are typical examples of department stores (hosts) that are increasingly using shop-in-shop concepts. CONCLUSION With this decision, the High Court is developing its existing case law on the application of the Commercial Leases Act. For each specific situation, it is necessary to assess whether the shop of the shop can represent a very different clientele from that of the department store in which it is integrated. Ideally, you design the deal a few weeks before you move in. This would allow both the landlord and tenant to make changes if they wish. Although the in-store concept is not new to retail, it has gained significant momentum in recent years. The good thing is that the two participants in this symbiotic agreement, i.e.

the consumer brand and the retailer – typically the big box retailers – benefit from this agreement. Today, some of these shop-in-shops are becoming so popular that they themselves are considered target stores, meaning that a consumer goes specifically for their particular brand in that particular store. Want to know more about shop-in-shop and what you need to keep in mind in a shop-in-shop concept? Please contact us….